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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 26, 2010 5:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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case? >> because this group of people in bell changed from a general law city to a charter city which gives a great deal more latitude in their decision making. and that's exactly what i'm probing into. what was the basis? how come less than 400 people voted in the election? how come more than half the votes were absentee? what were the discussions between the city administrators and by the way the councilmen jacked up their salary almost 50%. >> we're out of time. hopefully you and i are going to get a chance to discuss this at length a little more. wolf blitzer is standing by now in "the situation room." here's suzanne malveaux. thanks, rick. happening now the white house condemns the leak of thousands of secret military field reports from afghanistan calling it a very real threat. now, the documents are fueling new suspicion and outrage about pakistan's links to the taliban. is a key u.s. ally playing a role in the deaths of american
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troops? i'm going to ask pakistan's ambassador to the u.s. about these disturbing allegations. and the case of the disappearing oil. why officials in the gulf say they are not finding much crude left on the water surface? wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." well, some are calling it one of the biggest leaks in u.s. military history. in the league of the pentagon papers. those revelations about the vietnam war. but today the white house contends that there isn't much new in the thousands of afghan war logs posted online by the group wikileaks. some powerful members of congress, well, they're not so sure. they say the documents raised some serious questions about u.s. policy toward afghanistan and neighboring pakistan. i want to begin with our senior white house correspondent ed henry and what was startling and
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what was -- stood out in my mind when i saw the white house today was that they are not saying that the contents, the information inside, is inaccurate. they're complaining because of the leak, itself. >> you're right, suzanne. they are really not challenging the substance of these documents and they are trying in their defense to say, look. there is not a lot new here. we've known there are problems there. you are right about the urgency of the situation on capitol hill. when you have an ally in this white house like senator john kerry chairman of the foreign relations committee saying basically this raises serious questions about the reality is how he put it of u.s. policy in afghanistan, pakistan, that's a problem for this white house. so even as robert gibbs today attacked both the leak and the leaker, saying that the founder of wikileaks, you know, has an agenda and that's really what's at work here and that was undermined, sort of driving this leak, this sort of anti-war feeling, gibbs never challenged the authenticity of the documents so i pressed him on whether these documents show that the war may just be too far
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gone to turn around. >> do these documents then suggest that this war is too far gone to turn around? >> no. >> with one policy change? >> no. i don't in any way think the documents suggest that. i haven't seen anybody suggest that except to say this, ed. we agreed that the direction -- this administration spent a large part of 2007 and 2008 campaigning to be this administration and saying that the way that the war had been prosecuted, the resources that hadn't been devoted to it threatened our national security. >> so robert gibbs' major point really was that, you know, these documents really take you through december of 2009 and there is a pivot point there where the president had a big policy review and put together a new policy where they're hoping to turn the page but the problem for the white house is that you have some of the president's own fellow democrats like russ
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feingold a long-time critic of the war in afghanistan saying today that all of these documents just raise new questions and basically what makes him wonder whether or not there's just been a flawed strategy from the beginning covering both the bush and obama administrations and so the bottom line is this is only going to put more pressure on this president at a very delicate time in afghanistan right now. >> the "new york times" reported sunday these military field documents included the release that suggests that pakistan, which is clearly a very strong ally in the united states in the war against terror has been running something of what they are calling a double game. >> right. and basically that while pakistan is saying one thing in public and private to u.s. officials about working together, that behind the scenes some of their intelligence officials are in cahoots essentially with the taliban to go after u.s. troops, go after afghan officials. robert gibbs again is trying to say, look. those allegations are not new. we've known that before. and he pointed out that in early 2009 the president, himself,
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gave a speech in which he said there would no longer be a blank check for pakistan. but what robert gibbs did not mention is that only a week ago the secretary of state seemed to be saying the opposite. instead of saying no more blank check he was saying that both sides are working together, the u.s. and pakistan, and i pressed him on whether these documents undermine that claim. >> secretary clinton said the u.s. and pakistan are, quote, partners joined in common cause. >> yes. >> despite these documents? >> yes, in fighting as i've just mentioned a few moments ago, in fighting extremists that are within that border. >> so again, the white house insisting they are joined together in fighting extremists but is pakistan working with the taliban? if they were, we don't know for sure but these documents are raising that question. it would certainly make you wonder whether or not the war is going well if pakistan was working with the taliban. big, big questions for this white house, suzanne. >> okay. ed henry, thank you so much.
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wikileaks founder is going to be a guest on "larry king live" tonight at 9:00 eastern. a closer look at the allegations against pakistan raised in the leaked war logs and reaction from pakistani officials. >> reporter: pakistani officials on monday rejecting the wikileaks reports. one military official describing them as ridiculous and rubbish. of course pakistan has heard similar allegations before that its top spy agency the isi is playing a double game. on one hand seemingly helping the u.s. and nato efforts against militants across the border in afghanistan but on the other hand secretly helping the afghan taliban fuel the insurgency and plot attacks against u.s. and nato soldiers. some in washington and many analysts are convinced that the isi is still maintaining relations with the afghan taliban to counter india's growing influence in kabul with
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the ultimate goal of securing a friend in afghanistan once u.s. troops eventually pull out. pakistani officials on monday both former and current officials rejected those claims. among them, retired general, the head of the isi in the 1980s. >> i think they made a mistake and now they are looking for scapegoats and those scapegoats are isi, the pakistan army, who they believe double crossed them. this is the first sign of defeat. i think this is only showing that anxiety that they are losing the war. >> so that's what you saw on monday. in islamabad government officials aggressively denying these allegations in wikileaks reports but no doubt these reports are going to raise more questions about the isi, a shadowy spy agency that already suffers from a checkered past.
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cnn, islamabad. >> pakistan is one of the top recipients of u.s. financial aid. it's a five-year, $7.5 billion package that was approved last fall. it specifically prohibits the use of u.s. dollars to fund terrorist groups. a nuclear proliferation or attacks on neighboring countries. american to pakistan increased during the soviet occupation of afghanistan in the 1980s. the aid dipped in the '90s and peaked during the years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. when new and deadly evidence of the taliban threat in afghanistan. afghan officials say they found the body of one of two u.s. sailors who disappeared on friday. i want to bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. i know that over the weekend there was a rumor that one of them had been killed. now that has actually been confirmed? >> well, suzanne, at least afghan government officials are saying that, just that, that they found the body of one of the two u.s. navy sailors who
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disappeared on friday. the u.s. government not yet officially confirming that officially. the search is still on for the two sailors who left their compound in the capital of kabul on friday in a single armored vehicle, drove south into log ar province which is a known taliban stronghold. apparently were spotted by taliban, got into some sort of firefight there. that's why afghan officials say one was killed. one captured. and in taliban hands. this is so concerning of course to the u.s. military. they are briefing the families. they're trying to keep them apprised of what they do know. the search we are told goes on and if there are u.s. service members in taliban hands of course one of the major concerns is that they not be taken across the border into pakistan beyond the reach of any u.s. military rescue. suzanne? >> okay. thank you, barbara. disaster crews in the gulf have been surprised at what they're not seeing. that is a lot of oil on the
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water. ahead we'll get a first-hand report from the area near the well site. also, a tv office attacked in iraq. and michelle obama plans quite an impressive mother/daughter an impressive mother/daughter trip.
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we should learn more tomorrow morning if bp ceo tony hayward is calling it quits. the company says any changes in management will be announced tomorrow morning when its
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earnings report is released. in the oil disaster zone crews are back at work on the relief well now that the weather has cleared. they're said to be making some headway toward permanently sealing the leak. they're also moving forward on the static kill that is the operation to pump mud and cement into the well. cnn's david mattingly is joining us from new orleans. david, tell us what's the latest from thad allen and how much damage did the storm bonnie actually cause in the area? >> reporter: well, the storm was really negligible in its effect, negative on the oil. also it was really negligible in what it did in helping to churn it up and disperse it so the storm really not a factor at all except for the fact that it set these operations back about a week. today admiral thad allen just laying out the schedule now for what he hopes is the end game for this well. we're looking at early next week they're going to attempt that static kill where they're going to fill the well up with drilling mud and then sometime after that they're going to go
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on through with the relief well, drilling into the well and intersecting it and filling it up with cement. so all of that playing out beginning early next week. >> david, you went to the rig site. tell us what you saw. >> well, we flew over the site with the coast guard. we saw all of the pieces coming back into place, the drilling rigs and all the vessels associated with that work that's going on out there. one thing we did not see, though, the huge patches of black oil that sort of has become the face of this disaster out there. what's been happening since that well has been shut down and the cap has been holding. there's been no new oil coming out for over a week now and those skimmers have been going after the patches of oil that were up there. you look at that and couple that with the natural degradation that goes on as this becomes more defuse and more dispersed and they're coming up with less and less oil as they continue their operations out there.
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i've talked to the coast guard command inner charer in charge described it as a problem that's good to have right now. >> this oil is rapidly breaking down and there is very little oil left. we have a few streamers that we located earlier off of grand isle that perhaps can be skimmed but right now we're not seeing many targets for our skimming fleet of 780 skimmers. >> you realize when you say that it's so hard for people to believe that this spill was so enormous and yet you're having trouble finding the oil to skim it? >> it's not for lack of trying. we've had 50 aircraft saturating this very location where satellites indicate there could be oil sheen in the area and so we're going to look just like we would during search and rescue to see where any possible target pocket of oil might be over this area. >> and to puncuate this point,
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suzanne, before the cap was put on they were collecting about 25,000 barrels of oil off the surface out there. that was every day. and one day last week they only collected about 56 barrels so that shows you how the big amounts of oil on the surface isn't quite there anymore and they now have to hunt for the smaller pieces that are proving to be more elusive. >> david, with the less oil in the water at least what they're finding here what happens to that program that pays fishermen essentially to clean up the oil? >> reporter: well, the vessels of opportunity program is still in full swing. in fact, their role is a little bit more important now because as that oil gets harder to spot from the air they need more eyes on the water to keep an eye on it and watch where it might be going. so they're doing a lot more monitoring out there even though they're not collecting quite as much. they're the ones who are going to have to be able to watch where the tar balls are forming, where they might be churning up
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in the surf and where they might be having a shore impact. so their role still not diminished at all even though the oil seems to be diminishing. >> okay. david mattingly, thank you for that excellent report. lisa sylvester is monitoring some of the other top stories in "the situation room" right now. hi, lisa. what are you working on? >> hey, suzanne. more than two dozen people are dead in iraq, victims of three bombings. the first happened in central baghdad when a suicide bomber drove a bus into the compound of saudi funded al aribia tv. at least six people were killed and later two car bombs exploded on a road between karbala and narjaf killing people there. lawyers say police are questioning one of france's richest women regarding allegations that top officials were paid off. the charges stem from secret
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recordings which were published last month and are alleged to be of conversations between betancourt and a financial adviser. in them mr. sarkozy and france's labor minister are named as recipients of envelopes of cash. both have denied the allegations. first lady michelle obama will travel to spain next week. the white house says she is going oon a, quote, private mother/daughter trip. mrs. obama will pay a visit to spain's king and queen. president obama will not be going on this trip. and the chariot once owned by egyptian king tut is going to go on exhibit in new york next week. egypt's antiquities chief says this is the first time the 3300-year-old chariot will travel outside the country. he says it is possible that the young king fell off the chariot during a hunting trip resulting in his death.
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it and other artifacts will soon be permanently housed in a museum near the great pyramids. what about that trip that first lady michelle obama is taking? that's going to be something else. >> that sounds amazing, fantastic. and that chariot, i saw that when i lived in cairo, egypt. it was part of the museum there. good to see it's leaving and a whole bunch of other folks will be able to see it too. >> it is a pretty rare thing for them to allow these artifacts to leave the country so it is going to be quite a treat. it's going to be in new york so not too far from us, suzanne. >> an excuse for a visit. thanks. a debate over taxes intensifies as a deadline approaches. what should congress and the president do when the bush tax cuts expire? extend them or let them go? and who says the u.s. and pakistan are strategic partners but we'll ask the pakistani ambassador to the united states if his country's spy agency is plotting with the taliban on the side.
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now to a looming ethics trial of a powerful democrat congressman charlie rangel. will he cut a deal with the ethics committee before the charges against him are unveiled on thursday? our congressional correspondent is here to talk about what we ek pe expect in the next couple days. >> reporter: as we speak democratic leaders are having their weekly meeting. if they are not talking about it the elephant in the room is what to do about charles rangel. because democratic leadership aides tell us that there is a growing unease within the party.
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a lot of folks concerned that this could be quite a public spectacle leading up to a very tough mid term election and this is of course set to begin on thursday where we are expecting to learn about what alleged violations, alleged ethical violations that rangel is facing. you know, we know he failed to pay taxes on the earnings from his rental property in the dominican republic. we know he failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets. but there could be other surprises. and democratic leadership aides are telling us the democrats really want to avoid this spectacle that leaders are hoping that rangel is going to come to some sort of settlement with the ethics committee to kind of avoid such a visible situation but those aides also tell us, suzanne, they are not actively, leaders are not actively pressuring rangel to do that. in fact speaker pelosi told a bunch of us a short time ago that this process is going to play out. the timetable has been set by
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the ethics committee and they're waiting for it to play out, suzanne. >> so what is congressman rangel saying about this? he talking at all? >> reporter: well, he is talking and what is interesting, something that he said in new york earlier today, he's not giving any public signals that he, himself, is coming to some sort of settlement with the ethics committee. listen to what he said a few hours ago. >> i can only hope that all the facts come out before my general election. it's like a wall that's been building for close to two years and it's going to burst on thursday. it may not be pleasant but it's going to give me a sense of relief at least we'll know where we're going. but it's painful to have to say no comment when people are attacking the very reason that you exist.
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>> reporter: so he says there this bubble is going to burst on thursday. but here is the very real political partisan battle that is playing out over this. the republican committee, the house campaign committee, is targeting democrats who have accepted campaign donations from rangel and already some of them feeling the heat, suzanne, at least two of them so far have said they're going to take the donations they've received from rangel and donate them to charity. >> okay. thank you very much. well, it sure seems like great news for the gulf coast. the oil that has been tainting the water for months appears to be breaking up. we'll ask new orleans mayor mitch landrieu what he has been out on the water and seen and whether residents should be relieved. and if bp's ceo tony hayward gets ousted tomorrow will very a soft landing?
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happening now thousands of leaked documents raise questions about u.s. relations with pakistan. is the strategic partner secretly in bed with the taliban? we'll go straight to the source the pakistani ambassador to the united states. and no confirmation yet but speculation is growing that bp chief tony hayward is on his way out. what's more, an american may be waiting in the wings to take over. wolf blitzer is off today.
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i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." it may sound too good to be true. much of the oil that gushed into the gulf for months now seems to have disappeared. at least from the surface of the water. we are told now crews are making progress for drilling a relief well and plugging the leak for good. i want to bring in the mayor of new orleans mitch landrieu. thank you for joining us here. >> great to be with you. >> thank you. i understand you had a chance to see the well site, take an aerial tour yesterday. describe for us what it is that you saw. >> i was able to take a flight with the coast guard. there were a huge number of boats out there that had gotten back to work very quickly after the threat of the tropical storm passed. of course that was welcomed news. there didn't appear to be any oil on the surface anywhere where the well head was. the closest oil we saw was about 90 miles from there so that's
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always very welcome. it appears as though they are getting very close to making sure that the oil is capped and of course that's welcomed news. this is not the beginning of the end. this is just the beginning of the beginning. it's very important for everybody in america to understand that we have a very, very long way to go. this is a sprint, a marathon. it's not a sprint. >> mayor, explain to us, some of us are somewhat confused about why we're not seeing more oil now. there was so much oil in the water. do we think it's under water? has it been dispersed, eaten by bacteria? where has the oil gone? >> i'm not exactly sure. they have exact amounts of how much they have captured. we saw some emulsified oil 11 miles off grand isle which gave us concern. the coast guard deployed as maine skimmers as they had in the port and they are in the process of capturing that right now. the most important thing though has been to cap that well where the biggest problem has been up to date. so again that's welcome news but as i said we've been through a number of different catastrophes
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down here. we know what the long haul is going to be and want to be sure there is a total and complete commitment to do all that is necessary, capture all the oil, clean the coast, compensate the victims and begin to put people back where they were before. >> just to be clear the fact that you're not seeing this oil, is that a welcome sign or does that concern you and worry you that the oil may just be somewhere where we haven't seen it? >> i have a little concern about that but it gives us great hope. there were huge numbers of gallons coming out, barrels per day, and capping it is the most important thing. we now have to capture it and go find where the oil went that we haven't been able to see yet. this is not the beginning of the end but just the beginning of the beginning. we have a very, very long way to go but of course you take anything you can get. it's a welcome first step. we saw the handling of tropical
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storm bonnie. how do you think that went? do you think it went well? was that a dress rehearsal for possibly big stoerms to come? do you think it was a success? >> yes, it was. we had a little hiccup last week with coordination between the state and the coast guard. we were able to regroup and make sure that our plans were in sync so it gave us an opportunity to find that weak link. obviously we think we have more storms coming. all the storm tracks say we'll get more of them. we have to be prepared. we have a lot of opportunities to drill down. we feel pretty good about where we are but you have to be ready for the unexpected. >> are things turning around economically for the city of new orleans? are we seeing some positive signs? >> well, not yet. we have a long way to go. with the moratorium, the number of people out of jobs, with the tourism industry and the fisheries taking a 10 to 16% hit it isn't a great time. we have to struggle back which is why i want to help the nation stay focused on the fact that
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capping the well is not the beginning of the end but the beginning of the beginning and we have a long way to go. >> we may see the ceo of bp leaving his post. do you have any final messages, good riddance or any well wishes? what are your thoughts? >> let me say this. it's a welcomed change but just changing faces and not changing corporate philosophies doesn't get you anywhere. the people in the gulf south want to know that bp is completely and totally committed to completely making it right and that means not leaving just because the well is capped. it's important. you have to capture the oil, clean the coast, make sure everybody gets compensated and then start thinking about how bp is going to completely make it right long term for what it is they've done down here. when we see that kind of commitment and change in corporate philosophy we'll feel a lot better than them just changing out the chief executive. we welcome mr. dudley and look forward to a wonderful relationship with him. we hope we have one but we need to see more. we're not in a very trusting
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mood right now and hope it changes in the future. >> thank you, mr. mayor. arizona's tough new immigration law takes effect in just days. but the state isn't the only place where this issue is boiling over. ahead, fear and illegal immigration in middle america. and president obama gets ready to chat with the ladies of "the view" a hot topic for donna brazile and bill bennett in brazile and bill bennett in today's strategy session. i'm a raom windstorm.
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controversial immigration law takes effect unless the federal judge puts it on hold while a justice department challenge is considered. this week we are looking more closely at this contentious issue that reaches every corner of the country including a small town in the u.s. heartland. here is cnn's dan simon. >> reporter: surrounded by cattle and corn fields, freemont, nebraska is the kind of place that feels insulated from the nation's big problems especially illegal immigration. just look on a map. mexico is a long ways away from nebraska, about a thousand miles. but the immigration battle has reached the heartland and this town outside of omaha of only 25,000 people. >> you look at the flooding situation and you going to wait for fema or start sand bagging your own house so you don't get flood waters? that's what we're trying to do. >> jerry hart, a retired irs agent, and john weiegert an
5:38 pm
elementary school teacher led an effort to put a measure on the town ballot that bans hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants. it passed last month by a decisive 57% of the vote. >> why does a city like freemont smack in the middle of the country need an antiimmigration law? >> we are for immigration. we're just against illegal aliens coming in bringing drugs, gangs, crime, and an economic burden that is going to grow for years if we don't do something in our town. >> reporter: yep, the identical argument used by anti-illegal immigration hawks around the country even though police dispute the crime here is on the rise. but like many american cities, freemont's hispanic population has risen significantly from an estimated 200 in 1990 to about 2,000 now. freemont's hispanic population has surged in recent years with the promise of a steady job at the area's meat packing plants. the city has a low unemployment
5:39 pm
rate but according to supporters one of the primary arguments for the measure is that illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from american citizens. nothing makes this woman's blood boil more. >> you're not going to see any anglo americans the lines. you're not. >> reporter: what you're saying is they don't want those jobs. >> they don't want those jobs. we want them because we've got to support our kids. >> reporter: miriam berganza an american citizen has worked in those plants which she says are filled mainly by hispanics. she cannot understand why freemont has become an immigration battle front. >> freemont has grown baufs the illegal immigrants. it has grown. we spend our money here. we don't go noe where else. we spend it here. so i don't see the problem with it. >> reporter: miriam says the by product is growing racial tension and a feeling of being unwanted. kristin fought unsuccessfully to defeat the measure in part because she thought it encouraged racial profiling. >> the hispanic community feels
5:40 pm
like people voted for them to leave. and we have people telling us day after day they're just waiting for the police to come and escort them out of freemont. >> reporter: that's not going to happen. >> that is absolutely not going to happen but the hispanic community feels like they are not welcome. >> reporter: ordinance supporters deny race played a role. it's not clear how many illegal immigrants live in freemont. what is clear, the battle is headed to the courts with opponents like those critical of arizona's controversial bill claiming immigration enforcement is strictly a federal matter. dan simon, cnn, freemont, nebraska. so what should be the main focus of u.s. policy on illegal immigrants? that is coming up in our strategy session. also, it has never been done by a sitting president. president obama makes an appointment with day time tv's "the view." why now? and the deadline looms for long standing bush tax cuts.
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5:44 pm
session, cnn political contributors donna brazille and bill bennett. he was on "the view" during the campaign. what do you think this time around the fact that he is appearing so close to mid term elections? >> i think it is refreshing to be outside the beltway to talk to the ladies to get their view and perspective on what is going on in america. i would love to hear the president talk about jobs and what he's doing to get the economic growth back. but also i hope he will talk about some nonpolitical topics. i want to know what the president has been reading all summer, what movies he has been able to watch and, you know, perhaps he can get into some of these other noncontroversial topics and give us insight into what is going on in his mind. >> bill, he was popular among the ladies the last go round. what do you think we'll see any different this time? do you think we'll see or hear a more relaxed president? >> well, i think it's fair to
5:45 pm
say, i think he is less popular now. he certainly is by every count. i don't think he is any less popular with joy or whoopi or barbara wawa. he is probably holding up very well with that group and with a lot of the other ladies on "the view" but he's the president and should go where he thinks he can have the most impact and talk about whatever he wants to talk about. however what the country wants to hear about is jobs, economic recovery and that report from the white house itself today was not very encouraging on those fronts but if he thinks "the view" is a good place to get out his point of view, fine. that's what the media is for, for a president to use in that way. i just hope they ask him some questions that are fairly probing. >> i suppose he'll talk about jobs and the economy. i want to point to what is happening, very big story at cnn, following the immigration law that could very well go into effect as early as thursday in arizona. we know on the arizona side the
5:46 pm
police have a 90-minute video for training to make sure the officers carry out this law in a way that is legal and sensitive and we know there are also latinos being trained in church groups and advocacy groups to make sure they know how to deal with the police and try to avoid perhaps what some believe will be subject to racial profiling. do you think this is the correct approach as both of these sides gear towards dealing with this new immigration law? >> absolutely. look, the american people are really frustrated that we haven't been able to solve the immigration problem and we cannot get the undocumented workers to come -- we can't stop employees from hiring illegal immigrants but what they should know is that over the last two years we've seen a sharp decrease in the number of people coming over the border. border security is up at an all time high an would hope everyone from the police officers to those out there in the community
5:47 pm
would recommend everyone remain calm that this law would be implemented in a fair way, not a prejudiced way and perhaps we can let this chapter get behind us. congress needs to act and it is time to put aside partisanship and act on giving us a comprehensive immigration bill. >> bill, respond to this latest poll that shows that more americans prefer deporting and stopping the illegal flow of immigrants the question being the plan should be plan to allow them to become legal residents of the united states, 42%. deporting them and stopping more from coming to the united states, 57%. has the obama administration been out of touch when it talks about comprehensive immigration reform? >> yes, it is out of touch frankly but if it wants to remain out of touch because this is what it believes the president can express that on "the view" and any place else. if you take arizona, suzanne, for example, 57% of americans
5:48 pm
believe that law is right and an additional 17% don't think the law goes far enough. that's 74%. yeah, he is out of touch. people have had it and the people of freemont, nebraska like a lot of other people have had it. in that piece mr. simon said any ill gatien hawks believe illegal workers should be arrested, it is against federal law to hire people knowing they are illegal and this is what we have raids for. this is the rule of law and we need to live in it. i'm glad the police have a training film so they are very careful. you can be sure if anything of them do anything inappropriate we'll hear about it and i hope that the video that's being used is one that says cooperate with police. they represent the will of the community, do things that are proper and of course if anything improper happens go through channels. but the most interesting thing right now in arizona is this challenge by the justice department to the arizona law.
5:49 pm
we'll all be interested to see what comes out. in the poll you all have done i see a lot of common ground. one very encouraging thing is most americans do not think these laws are racially motivated. even a majority of hispanics do not think these laws are racially motivated and that is the kind of common ground that donna is -- >> donna, you get the last word. >> i agree. let's not target people simply because of their ethnic background, their racial heritage. but, bill, i hope that those in the community, the church leaders and others who are there are talking with the latino community and the broader community and i hope they can also find common ground so this is not pitting people against each other. people are tired of that and let's hope that this situation on thursday when the law is implemented is one that no one will be harmed by. >> thank you so much for joining us. pakistani officials are
5:50 pm
reject i rejecting allegations they are helping the u.s. and the taliban at the same time. i'll ask pakistan's ambassador to the u.s. about thousands of pages of leaked war documents. also, some senators aren't taking no for an answer as they investigate bp's possible link to the release of the lockerbie bomber.
5:51 pm
basic.? preferred. okay. at meineke i have options, and 50% off brake pads and shoes. my money. my choice. my meineke.
5:52 pm
blocking a senate vote on campaign finance reform.
5:53 pm
mr. obama blasted the gop for what he called partisan gamesmanship that he says threatens special interests in the election. he's pressing the senate to pass sot-called disclose act. it would require donors in campaign ads be identified. >> ul think making these reforms would be a matter of common sense, particularly since they primarily involve just making sure folks who are financing these ads are disclosed. nobody is saying you can't run the ads. just make sure that people know who, in fact, is behind financing these ads. >> the measure is? n response to the supreme court controversial ruling that reversed a campaign reform bill that's limited corporate spending on elections. well, we are now 99 days out from the midterm election. tax cuts from the bush era are
5:54 pm
due to expire at the end of the year. now, president obama wants to let the tax cuts lapse for families that earn more than $250,000 a year. but republicans now are saying that that's going to hurt the economy. >> democrats in washington are now talking about embracing the largest tax increase in american history. let me say that again. after 18 months of runaway spending, thbailouts and takeovers, washington democrats are poised to allow the largest tax increase in american history to take effect next year. >> the right thing for the country now is make sure we leave tax cuts in place for more than 95% of working americans and complement those with a tax cuts for businesses to expand and hire. i think it's a fair and good policy to allow those tax cuts that only go to the 2% or 3% of
5:55 pm
the highest earnings in the country to expire as scheduled. the country can withstand that, the economy can withstand that. i think it's good policy. >> we want to bring in gloria borger. you know that they are fighting, that they are now in battle mode over this very issue. >> right. it was tough for the republicans under president bush, pushing forward on the tax cuts, because they knew they had to expire because they were very expensive. >> yeah, very. where do we stand on this. >> that occurred in 2001-2003 as you recall. we had something called surpluses then. you remember that? and the whole notion was give people back their congress. but even the congress figured out by 2010 there could be some deficits and this would cause some deficits and so here we are on the brink facing an election and january 1, these things expire.
5:56 pm
and people have con sperns. >> some conservative democrats have said look, maybe this is not a good time because we're just getting out of this recession right now. is it a sail political position for president obama? >> no, it's not a safe political position. but i think president obama made a pledge during the campaign. he wasn't going to raise taxes on any families making $250,000 or less. that's now middle class in this country. and he's also confronted with the problem about the deficit. many people are concerned about the deficit. so his sense is, and you heard secretary geithner say look, if you care about the deficit, let's repeal this tax cut for folks, let it expire, for folks in the top 2% to 3%. and that would save about $700
5:57 pm
billion. if you were to extend these tax cuts, as republicans want to do, you're talking $2 trillion added to the deficit. >> what do we think, just as americans, what do people think more about being taxed? more or less? >> i just think most americans are in the middle class and they want to keep their tax cut ps .and democrats are banking the fact that, you know what? let's this tax go become up for the tacks. and you're talking about taking the tacks to where they were when bill clinton was when they were president, 39.6%. my prediction, though, they may kick this can down the road. wait for the deficit commission to report, on december 1. >> i'm going to bet on your side. i'm going with you, gloria.
5:58 pm
>> don't bet against me. >> thanks, gloria. we're drilling down on the leaked documents in the afghanistan war. will the revelations help protect u.s. troops or put them in harm's way? and imagine you were told that your daughter died in a car crash, only the hospital got her identity wrong?
5:59 pm
at this moment, your father is alive... your son is safe... your wife is recovering... and your baby is coming home... is this really the moment to cut $4 billion
6:00 pm
from our hospitals? cuts that could mean overcrowding, fewer nurses, and longer waits? call congress and tell them to stop the cuts. here in "the situation room" a huge document leak rips open the vail of secrecy surrounding
6:01 pm
the afghan war. there's growing outrage over suggestions that pakistan spy agency is aiding america's enemies. i'm going to speak to pakistan's ambassador to the united states. and is bp's boss about to get fired for botching the response to the disastrous gulf oil spill? while ceo tony hayward may have sealed his own fate. and days before a controversial law takes effect in arizona, there's stunning new evidence that americans are deeply dissatisfied about the tide of illegal immigration. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off. i'm suzanne malvo and you're in the situation room. >> it's a document league shocking in scale. it involves tens of thousands of military and diplomatic reports filed over a five-year period. many of the documents suggest that pakistan, a key u.s. ally
6:02 pm
is aiding afghanistan's insurgents. now, the white house calls the leak a breach of federal law and on capitol hill and the pentagon there's outrage over to the possible harm of the security of u.s. troops. i'm going to go straight to barbara starr. what is the pentagon saying today about what has happened? >> well, suzanne, this is a leak of some 90,000 document, and the question on the table is, is it now a risk to the troops and to military operations in afghanistan? is it a breach of national security? the 90,000 documents on wikileak's website includes extensive reports on everything from individual firefighters in afghanistan to concerns pakistan's intelligence service is supporting the taliban insurgency. a massive leak of classified information. >> the fact that we are putting on the internet sensitive
6:03 pm
military information that put our soldiers at risk, our coalition allies at risk puts our mission at risk, outrage is the only word that can descrikc my emotions. >> many are field reports filed between 2004 and 2009, reports used by commanders to track enemy techniques and strategies in thousands of fire fights, roadside bombings and attacks over the years. >> their names, their operations, there's logistics. their sources. all of that information out in a public way has the potential to do harm. >> reporter: some sensitive new details are details are revealed. one example, the military has said little about the capture of by insurgents in eastern calf g
6:04 pm
afghanistan. the report reveals even more, local radio traffic indicates, quote, an american soldier is talking and looking for someone who speaks english. another intercept from a suspected insurgent is logged saying, all i know, that they capture him alive and they are with him right now. the reports are often just a first take. for example, this incident last august where dozens of people were killed by a coalition air strike. the document shows that at first, a coalition fighter pilot reported 56 taliban fighters killed, but the final update of the report says that all 56 dead were innocent civilians, and that none were insurgents. >> now, the pentagon is not commenting on any of the individual reports, but they are going through everything, trying to determine if there is a specific risk to troops or operations, and of course,
6:05 pm
trying to find out who handed over 90,000 sensitive documents to the wikileaks website. >> must be a very serious concern, serious question for the pentagon today. >> oh, has grabbed everyone's attention. trying to figure out in a data dump of 90,000 documents, what's hidden in all of here that they might not see very quickly that could pose a very specific risk to troops in the field. >> joining me now is fran townsend. she was the homeland security advise sor to president bush. she worked in the justice department in the clinton administration. she's also a member of the cia's external advisory board. when you take a look at all the documents you have before us right now, what is your sense about the danger. has this disrupted operations?
6:06 pm
does this put people's lives in danger? >> most of the operations are passed. the concern you hear and the white house rightly draws attention to is our men is learn how we look at thing, how we perceive things. they understand what our different perspective is and what are our perspectives of our allies. where are our weaknesses? what are the things that influence the way we think. it's not only a breach of national security, i venture to say it's a crime. we need the department to work with the pentagon to make sure instead of them investigate former activities by the cia, they're looking to ses and bring to justice the people who leaked these classified documents. >> is any of this a problem,
6:07 pm
where you had pakistan's spy agency plotting against u.s. and nato forces? >> it's no shock to me. and i was on cnn when i was in the administration and asked this very question. yes, we asked about the activities, not support of the government of pakistan as a whole. they clearly were committed, but we believe that there were aspects of individuals and certain agencies that may have not been completely signed on, if you will, to the policy of the government of pakistan to combat the taliban, to combat al qaeda. and so we voiced those concerns during the bush administration as well. >> is it possible that the isi is operating without the pakistan government's knowledge? that they are having these meetings and these plots and the pakistan government doesn't know it? >> that's a lit hard for me to believe. the isi comes under the rub rick of the pakistani military. the military is the most powerful arm of the pakistani
6:08 pm
government and it always has been. it's also, frankly, while we believe the commitment during the bush administration had not only been consistent, we've seen in defense of them now, we've seen an inkres in consistently and commitment to fight and take on criticism. and i think the obama administration is rightly concerned just as we're seeing this commitment by pakistan, we now have this information come out. >> is pakistan's spy agency aiding americans? that's the next question. nick is going to join me in questioning pakistan's ambassador to the united states. jack cafferty is off today. among the story wes ear working on, all eyes are on bp headquarters in london where many expect controversial c ceo tony hayward to be outed at anytime now. was it a perceived lack of
6:09 pm
empathy that led to his down fall. plus a heart breaking mix-up. one family is led to believe their living daughter is dead, while another family is believed their dead daughter is alive. we're going to show you how that happened. when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant.
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in the gulf of mexico, the rough weather has moved on, leaving scant evidence of oil on the surface. crews are getting ready to resume the relief drilling meant to permanently seal the blownout oil well, but work is also
6:12 pm
proceeding on the static kill operation, which will involve pumping heavy mud and possibly cement into the ruptured well. that could begin in one week. and more than 10 days after a temporary cap was placed on the well, the coast guard says there's little sign of oil on the surface of the gulf. fighter planes aren't finding any significant patches and officials say the oil is breaking down very quickly. bp's board of directors net afternoon in london amaid widespread speculation that ceo tony hayward would be forced out as b as boss of the oil giant. . give us a sense of when we might hear about tony hayward's fate. >> we almost certainly will hear tomorrow from b.p. they'll reveal the fate of ceo tony hayward in london along with an awful, awful second quarter financial report.
6:13 pm
an announcement is scheduled for the middle of the night here. and perhaps that's appropriate because for many americans, tony hayward appeared to be in the dark pop i wasn't a part of the process decision making on the well. >> reporter: it wasn't the spill that doomed tony hayward, rather his awkward response to it. a nation furious at the environmental and economic catastrophe, needed to see a contrite and compassionate ceo. instead, bp seemed to send what appeared to be a pompous foreigner. he claimed it was tiny compared to the gulf itself. >> i think the environmental results is very, very modest. >> reporter: then whined about damage he suffered. >> there's no one who wants this over more than i do. i want my life back. >> reporter: not even the pr
6:14 pm
machine could salvage his reputati reputation. >> i'm very sorry. we'll get this right. >> reporter: then he attended a yacht race while others were left to clean up bp's mess. bp's executive bob dudley then arrived to oversee the clean-up and hayward's fate appeared seal. >> he obviously get all the credit when things go well, and he gets all the blame then things go back. just like the president of a country. >> reporter: hayward had gotten a lot of credit. before the spill, bp earnings had steadily climbed during his three-year tenure. he pulled it off in part by slashing expenses. all the while, claiming bp had fixed safety collapses that had led to the 2005 texas city refinery fire that killed 15 people. it turned out, bp was wrong about bp's safety. he was unaware about bp's failings. >> i haven't seen this. again, i haven't seen this. i don't know the precise number.
6:15 pm
i'm afraid i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. i'm afraid i don't know that either. >> reporter: the gulf oil spill was a disaster, seeking a party to blame, and as bp's boss, hayward assumed ownership of that catastrophe. his reported successor, american robert dudley is a contrast. not only did he grow new mississippi, he's been able to manage the clean-up without offending residents of the gulf. suzanne? >> thank you, alan. did bp's oil ties with libya lead the oil giant to work for the release of the man convicted of blowing up an airliner over scotland? some u.s. law makers want to find out. our mary snow is dig into that. what do we know so far? >> reporter: the law makers look into any potential dies want to hear firsthand from bp's ceo tony hayward. and whether or not he remains in his job. they invited him to testify on thursday. senators robert mendez of new jersey and hill brand of new
6:16 pm
york, both democrats are investigating whether bp pressed for the release of al-megrahi because of a pending libya deal in libya. last august, he was released from a scottish prison on compassionate grounds. doctors saying he was expected to die from cancer within three months. but nearly a year later, he's still alive. as part of this probe, mendez it? ed a letter. he's chairman of the libyan british business council. sent to the scottish justice minister and reads, the libyan authorities have made it clear that should he die in prison in scotla scotland, there will be serious implications for uk-libyan relations. this prospect is of graifz concern to lbbc member, not just scottish ones. here's how senator mendez ties it in. >> so the bottom line is, i know
6:17 pm
that mr. mccaskill said he never had any contacts with bp, but this letter, of which bp is a member of that council asking him to do this raises just another question. in addition to the silence from bp, the limited amount of cooperation from the hearings of the british and scottish governments has been unfortunate. >> the scottish governments instised bp never lobbied to free al-megrahi but did encourage the government to conclude a british transfer agreement with the libyan government. ceo hayward has received an invitation to appear before the senate foreign relations committee, but it would only say that he'll respond to that committee directly about whether or not he will attend. sigh san? >> thank you so much. there's no did you tails in the case of two american sailors missing in afghanistan, but the details are not coming from u.s. military officials. and was now know at least one
6:18 pm
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6:20 pm
>> lisa sylvester is monitoring other top stories in "the situation room" right now. >> 1 of 2 missing u.s. service members is dead, killed in a fire fight with the taliban. they say the other man, who was wounded was abducted by the militants. u.s. military is very tight
6:21 pm
lipped about this case, but fishes confirm both men are navy sailors who left their base in kabul in a civilian vehicle friday. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his return. and sales of existing homes fell 5.1% in june. the latest figure from the national association of realtors. analysts say the housing market is being broiled by foreclosure, high unemployment and rising invento inventory. but the june number is up almost 10% from the summer of 2009. and the guest list and location are still top, top secret, but we now know president obama will not be attending chelsea clinton's wedding this weekend. the white house press secretary robert gibbs had previously said he was unaware of any plans. today he was asked again whether the president would be there and gibbs answered no. now, multiple unconfirmed reports have the wedding taking place this saturday in new york.
6:22 pm
we wish chelsea all the best. >> i understand it's a personal private wedding. so it's chelsea and her fiance's friends. we can understand that. >> absolutely. >> 400 of their favorite friends. thanks. as pakistan's spy agency working with the taliban to kill americans, we're going to hear from cnn's nick robertson on the afghan war log leak. and we're going to speak with the pakistani ambassador to the united states. plus, tragedy strikes a group of teens. and a case of mistaken identity. makes it much worse for two of the families involved. >> no it's a sale. nothing beats a sale! wrong move! you. you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own price on priceline. but this one's a me. it's only pretending to be a deal. here, bid $79. got it. wow! you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal.
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your wife is recovering... and your baby is coming home... is this really the moment to cut $4 billion from our hospitals? cuts that could mean overcrowding, fewer nurses, and longer waits? call congress and tell them to stop the cuts.
6:25 pm
back to our top stories. tens of thousands of secret anti-war doms are mae public now. many of the war logs suggest that pakistan is aiding the insurgents. and there are new revelations about the apparent vulnerability of u.s. troops. >> there's a guy in white right there. >> reporter: 2007, u.s. troops fend off a feared attack. >> they got one on top of the building right here, too. >> reporter: it is a remote barely accessible u.s. mountain base. camp keating. barely 100 troops at the time. i had just arrived. they told me a month earlier a massive taliban ambush nearby killed the base commander. >> we had never seen them on
6:26 pm
there. there was numerous rockets. until someone has come out here and seen this terrain and been in some of these tight fire fights, you will never understand what these shoulders are trying to express. >> reporter: it was clear then the base was vurnlnerable, but r worse was to come. only now the details of how bad coming clear. according to the new york time, one of the 92,000 documents, details a taliban attack here two years later as the base was being closed, because it was undermanned and ineffective. cnn has not independently confirmed the awe thuthenticity the documents, but according to the newspapers, desperate computer messages were being sent, indicating insurgents had made it to the last line of defense. support did eventually arrive, eight soldiers were killed, almost two dozen wounded. it's what wikileaks boss calls the squalor of war.
6:27 pm
and why, he says, he's outed the documents. >> our goal is just reform. our method is transparency, but we do not put the method before the goal. >> reporter: he says thousands of doms were being held back so names can be removed. still, some military experts are upset. >> none of these documents are being filtered for potential harm that can be done for our troops, reveals tactics and proceed dpurps the only word that comes to my mind is outrage. >> reporter: leaks apparently show pakistan's services very supporting taliban attacks, fingering this former intelligence chief in particular. >> there is absolutely no truth in what has been said.
6:28 pm
i have a position that i take and that's this is wrong. pakistani fishes recently told me they want a friendly government in kabul, not one that supporting their archrival ind india. the implication is the taliban are insurance against that happening. british newspaper, the guardian, that like "the new york times" has had access to the documents for the past few weeks says it's compared the military accounts of the events with other sources. concluding in the cases they highlight civilian casualties have been underreported. >> some of the reports here have been heard before or at the very least discussed publicly.
6:29 pm
perhaps not. but so many of these documents haven't been read or followed up. and it's in the granular detail about this base that was already known to be vulnerable and so many soldiers were killed yaers after it was already clearly a problem, these kinds of details are going to cause people, issues and heart ache here. >> i want to hang on. i want to start off first and foremost. the main concern here obviously is the fact that there's the accusation that pakistan's spy agency, the isi met with the taliban to plot attacks against u.s. troops and nato forces. is that true? >> first thing is the nature of
6:30 pm
the documents. we haven't seen them all and read them all. but we do know they are written in the fog of war, based on unprocessed intelligence. somebody comes in, tells an officer, this is what i'm hearing, that's what is in these documents. the united states knows better. that's why the white house, the pentagon, state department and congressional leaders say these are outdated perspectives. >> an ally, nevertheless, are you saying that this is not true? are these doms forged? is somebody making this snup. >> i explained already, these documents reflect a first take. in a police station, many 911 calls come. not every one is true. a lot of these things are basically saying this is what we've heard, this is the rumor, this is something that i know. it's not processed intelligence. more important than that is what is happening on the ground today. and we all know that the pakistani military, the pakistani intelligence service, they are losing men as they fight alongside the americans. it wouldn't make sense for us to
6:31 pm
help the taliban who are killing our own soldiers and our own intelligence officers. >> i don't think it's disputed that things have gotten better and there's progress. we heard from robert gibbs who said this information is not new. that this is in part why the obama administration changed strategy inside of afghanistan because there were problems with pakistan. he's not saying -- he's not denying that some of these allegations may, in fact, be true. are you saying that categorically -- >> i'm saying that -- i'm categorically saying that as the government of pakistan works with the united states to fight the terrorists, allegations of any arm of the pakistani government collaborating or cooperating with the taliban is absolutely wrong. as far as history is concerned, i'm sure you and i will be around to read various drafts of history as they take shape in the future. >> why do you suppose these allegations are in these documents that are classified and now have been revealed? do you think that this is some sort of plot?
6:32 pm
or duke that it's a strategy -- >> oh, no. i don't believe in conspiracy theorys. >> forged documents? >> no, no. i didn't even say anything about forged. all i'm saying is these are snapshots at time at different times. afghanistan, as you know, has had a lot of difficulties in building a government over there. last several year, since the collapse of the taliban after 9/11. there are people until recently have had a certain perspective. do we all not remember that before the war in iraq everybody believed that there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq. i think the first unprocessed intelligence is not always correct. that's what this was and that's why the united states has persisted in maintaining its alliance with pakistan instead of just believing all of this and saying you know what, every rumor we believe is true and we should act on it.
6:33 pm
>> mr. ambassador, your government doesn't have support of all the people in pakistan for the support it's given the united states. what are your opponents? what are your critics going to do with this type of allegation? essentially being thrown in the face of your government when on the face of it you say your government is trying to support the united states? how is that going to affect your government back home? >> no government is ever supported by every citizen. this government was voted in on a platform in which we said very clearly we with fight terrorists and we will defeat them. and as long as this government has the legitimacy and support of parliament, that's exactly what it will do.
6:34 pm
some will say these are elements that do not like pakistan. they're trying to give pakistan a bad name. but both government what is's going on. we understand that unprocessed intelligence cannot be the basis of undermining what is now emerging as a truly meaningful partnership in our region. and you know that things are getting a lot better and pakistan, afghanistan and the united states are working together right now against the terrorists. >> there should be serious action taken against the isi who has direct connection with the terrorists. these show the u.s. was already aware of the is icon next with the al qaeda terrorist network. the united states is overdue on the isi issue and now the united states should answer. how do you respond to your partner, the afghan government that believes these accusations
6:35 pm
about the isi? >> we are mature partners. we understand the difficulties faced by our brothers in afghanistan. people have different views. there are people with sympathies with the terrorists in afghanistan. there are people with sympathies with the terrorists in pakistan. the important thing is for us to make a distinction between rumor and fact. right now, all institutions in pakistan are working together to essential essentially defeat the terrorists. the isi is trying to work together essentially with one objective to contain and defeat the terrorists. that's what we will continue to do. >> has your government reached out to the government of act afghanistter stan to reassure t. >> we've come a long ways when
6:36 pm
they wouldn't even shake hands on the lawn of the white house. president of pakistan and afghanistan are close now. and our intelligent services are trying to work together as well. look, the misgivings of past cannot always easily be overcome, but what we can change is the future and that's what we will do. >> i remember that day at the white house when they would not shake hands. thank you so much. appreciate your time here. thank you. thousands of agents protect the u.s. border, but many of them aren't who you might think they are. we're going to show you the changing face of the border patrol. plus, he received the world's first full fis transplant. now he's making his first public appearance.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
when you think of a u.s. border patrol agent, a hispanic woman may not be the first image that comes to mind, but the force is becoming more and more diverse, along with the u.s. population as a whole. our cnn special correspondent soledad o'brien investigated for us. >> carlos martinez risked his life coming in to the u.s. from cuba. now he's on the other side, trying to keep people out of the united states. as an immigration enforcement agent. >> the immigrants themselves, when you're processing them, they feel more comfortable talking to you. i know they come here like i did
6:40 pm
one time. but i'm here to uphold the law. >> he's part of an effort by the department of homeland security to train diverse force to deal with a diverse public. >> on the cutting edge of diversity. we have a population that is almost 1/3 latino, almost 20% female. >> stop, stop. group is to your right. >> reporter: as the u.s. steps up border enforcement, the government wants to make sure federal agents don't detain people simply because they suspect they're here illegally. >> we understand we deal with people coming from all walks of the world, right? cultures are different. >> not only do we not deal with racial profiling, we teach about it from the very first day. >> tuf shed those preconceptions. >> what does a criminal look
6:41 pm
like? what does an undocumented immigrant look like? these people can look like any one of us and take any shape, form, age, nationality, country of origin. so by locking yourself into something as simplistic and wrong headed as racial profiling you're going to miss the real threat. >> reporter: the real threat, say government officials, is from border crossers who threaten national security, or commit crimes. some critics want more focus on arresting illegal immigrants crossing the border. arizona's new state law, sb-1070 allows police during the course of an investigation to detain anyone they suspect is in the country illegally. >> we wouldn't need it if the government had operational control over the border. please do your job and secure our boreds. >> fe ral agents say they could avoid racial profiling and still enforce the law. >> that's the way to give back
6:42 pm
to the country that has given me so much. >> in arizona, the police have to have -- many of them concentrated in places like arizona to help them deal with language barriers and they say helps their force be more sensitive to racial and ethnic profiling. suzanne? >> we look forward to many of your other reports. >> 85% along the border of new mexico, about a quarter are in arizona. minorities make up the majority of tforce. 52 are hispanic and the ranks are about to expand. last week, the obama administration announced 300 additional agents sob deployed next month, along with more aircraft and technology. and 100 national guard troops will begin a year-long
6:43 pm
deployment along the u.s.-mexico border starting august 1. americans are speaking out about illegal immigration in a new cnn opinion research corporation poll. when asked how the number of illegal immigrants in the u.s. makes them feel, 23% said angry. 23% said dissatisfied. 6% said pleased. i'm going to talk about this with john king. john, when you take a look at these statistics, the administration has been pushing comprehensive immigration reform. how does the obama administration make sense of that to try to meet the needs of the people.
6:44 pm
>> george w. bush wanted comprehensive immigration refortunately. tension best gan to fray. the political divide grew and now this president, he promised to do it his first year in office. he's halfway through his second year in office. mr. president, we want this policy. the math says they will not get the policy before the election this year. the president has talked about it as a priority. it's now on the back burner as a schedule item. maybe if there's a lame duck session as a possibility, but what happens in the meantime? 74% of the american people are a bit grumpy when the issue of immigration comes up. the arizona law, which has support nationally in the polls, has support in the state in the polls kicks in on thursday. the next week or so in this debate will be focused almost exclusively on what happens in arizona and do both political and legal tempers flare. >> you've got a police force being trained with a 90-minute
6:45 pm
video, what to do, what not to do. you've got hispanics there also being trained how to deal with the police, how to perhaps avoid the police. you're going to be in arizona. what are you going to be looking for? >> we're going to spend a few days in arizona starting on wednesday. we're going to explore these very questions. we're going to take a ride around with the police unit on the first night of this law. and the police know, 99.99% of any police officer, they want to do the right thing. but how will they enforce this law? because ultimately, the judgment call is on those officers. when they encounter somebody who runs a traffic stop or looks suspicious in doing something. do they have the reasonable doubt then to take it to the next level and demand documentation. that's one thing. but we'll also be on the ground to see. there's a lot of protests on the ground. we'll be there for a few days, looking forward to the trip, hoping that it's calm. >> well, he received the world's first full face transplant and now he's letting the world see it. and one country calls blackberries a potential threat
6:46 pm
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6:48 pm
lisa sylvester is monitoring some of the top stories coming into the news room right now. >> he underwent the world's first full face trant plant and now he's going public. the spanish man identified only as oscar appeared at a news conference in barcelona today, four months after the complex surgery that followed nine failed operations to repair extreme trauma that trult rulted
6:49 pm
from a gun accident. in cambodia, they may appeal the sentence of a former kmer rouge official. he ran a torture prison where more than 14,000 people died. he was sentenced today to 35 year burks the judge order he serve no more than 19 year, and that has many of the victims and their relatives outraged. the united arab emirates is now calling blackberries a potential threat to national security. the government says the smart phones operate outside of national legal jurisdiction and are subject to possible misuse. but krit ix of the uae government say suspects it's trying to control the flow of information. it was a terrible accident and then a stunning mix-up that leaves the wrong families grieving and clinging to hope. we'll show you how it happened.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
in a horrible accident. one family thought their daughter was dead, another thought their daughter had survived. through a tragic mix-up both families were wrong. our cnn's lisa sylvester is here to explain what happened. >> this is a tragedy just all the way around. it was five recent high school graduates returning home last week to arizona from a trip to disneyland. their tire blows out, the suv flips over several times, but
6:53 pm
here's where the story gets tricky. a young woman died in the crash. family members are told that person is abby guerra, who you see on the screen left, and her good friend marlena cantu's family is told sthees in critical condition. but it appears that through a mix-up it was the exact opposite, it was cantu who died. cantu seen here on the right. we have some sound. this is just coming in. this is a joint news conference at st. joseph's hospital and the arizona department of public safety on this entire identity mix-up. >> as doctors struggled to save this patient's life, we could not readily tell the patient's identity. we interviewed family members that evening and asked for any discernible visual information that could help us make that positive identification. from the information that was provided us on that evening, we believed the patient was marlena
6:54 pm
cantu. when the medical examiner compared the dental records, it came to light that the patient was april guerra known as abby from her nickname. >> now, this is not the first time something like this has happened. back to 2006. two young women in a an eerily similar case. they prayed their daughter would recover for four weeks only to find out later she, in fact, and her friend survived that crash. in both cases you have young women who physically resembled one another. there was facial swelling and other injuries. in this most recent game abby guerra's aunt reacted saying on one hand this is a miracle, but you're also angry after spending the whole entire week mourning. for the cantu family this is just so, so painful. marlena cantu's brother says they were clinging to the hope
6:55 pm
she would have a full recovery, only to be taken away from then. he wants someone to take responsibility. >> lisa, how did they realize that they made a mistake? >> it all goes back to the dental records. they were doing the -- the medical examiner was doing routine dental work and they realized we made a big mistake here. the arizona department of public safety also apologized to both families for this mistake. >> such a sad story. thank you very much. jeanne moos is next. i'm going to work with kids. i want to run a marathon. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to take him on his first flight. [ female announcer ] discover the best of what's next at
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song birds, duck, ping ons, jeanne moos takes an unusual look. >> sometimes concerts get canceled due to bad weather. what came raining down on the kings of leon was ping john poop. then the lights went out and the band left the verizon ampitheater in st. louis. >> they played three songs and they're quitting. >> kings of leon get pooped on and return the favor to their fans. the fans struck back posting concert videos. the fans pecked at the band. what a bunch of weenies. prissy prima donnas. >> you should have manned up and got assistance. >> the bass guitarist said he
6:59 pm
was hit by pigoens on each of the songs. they said the final straw was when a band member was hit on the cheek right near the mouth. it's not only disgusting, it's a toxic health hazard. the usual hazards are beer being thrown at them or as he left a concert the rapper acon, didn't just stay he sent security after the teenager. >> you made a big mistake today, boy. put him up here. >> after he tossed the teenager he pled guilty to harassment and doing community service. the kings of leon could not do this to a flock of pigeons. news reporters have been on the receiving end of pigeons. even the secret service couldn't protect the president of the united states from yarl bombardment. seconds afth